About Plateau Technical Commication Services / Nancy Riccio

Nancy RiccioPTCS is Nancy Riccio, a seasoned technical writer/editor who has worked as a freelance writer, editor, and web designer since 2001. She began her professional life as a hydrogeologist in 1986 after graduating from Northern Arizona University. Between 1986 and 2000, Nancy worked for hydrogeologic consulting firms in Tucson and Seattle. She gradually transitioned to writing and editing reports, proposals, and other technical documents on a part-time basis to writing full time. In 1997, Nancy began a year-long program at the University of Washington, where she earned a certificate in Technical Writing & Editing and fine-tuned her skills. Nancy won an Award of Excellence from the Society for Technical Communication for her work on the 2003 Coconino County Comprehensive Plan.

Software Capabilities

Nancy is proficient in many software applications, including Word, FrameMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, OmniGraffle, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Contribute, Acrobat, PowerPoint, and Excel, among others. She also has experience with Flash, Illustrator, AutoCAD, ArcView, and various Help authoring tools.

She works on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Web / Programming Languages

Other capabilities include advanced skills in HTML / CSS and familiarity with several programming languages (JavaScript, FORTRAN, C++, and Visual Basic).

Style Guides

Nancy is well-versed in the use of style guides, especially The Chicago Manual of Style. She is also experienced with the USGS Suggestions to Authors and the National Park Service Style Guide. In addition, she has developed in-house style guides for various oranizations.