Technical Writing & Editing Services for Reports, Proposals, Planning Documents, & Manuals

For some projects, PTCS can create documentation from scratch using legacy documents, tabulated data, maps, graphs, and other illustrations, in conjunction with interviews (and, in the case of software or hardware manuals, hands-on experience). For most projects, however, Nancy works from a rough draft — or, more commonly, a collection of rough drafts — from one or more authors. Although her specialty is “substantive editing,” she can tailor her services to fit the scope and budget of your project.

Copyediting involves correcting grammatical, spelling, usage, and punctuation errors. Substantive editing requires a more rigorous, analytical approach that involves:

Substantive editing is recommended for reports and other documents that will be scrutinized by the public, regulatory agencies, other professionals, and prospective clients. This is especially important for documenst with multiple authors.

Technical Proposals

PTCS has helped create many winning proposals that highlight a team's strengths and detail its approach clearly, systematically, and concisely. Often your first opportunity to impress a prospective client, proposals show that you not only understand the problem at hand but can offer an innovative solution. Perhaps more importantly, proposals reflect your commitment to providing quality work.

Reports & Planning Documents

PTCS has written and edited many types of reports and planning documents, including watershed assessments, environmental impact assessments, comprehensive plans, and hydrogeologic characterization, remedial investigation, groundwater modeling, monitoring reports.

Software, Hardware, & Training Manuals

PTCS creates user-friendly software or hardware manuals. Although Nancy Riccio's specialty is scientific software, she can create manuals for many types of stand-alone applications, in either printed or online format. She can also convert existing manuals to HTML-based online help systems or interactive PDF files.

Fact Sheets, Newsletters, & Brochures for the Public

If you need to communicate the results of a scientific or engineering study to the public, PTCS can translate technical information into text that lay people can understand. Ms. Riccio has experience producing well designed, informative newsletters for printed and online distribution.